Meet the Parents episode 1: Valentine, Shmalentine

For our first episode, @thatchamdad is joined by @BuddingSmiles, @NorthernDadblog and @VicWelton to talk about how we approach Valentine’s Day as parents. Not to mention Modern Family, 1980s US pop duos and love rockets. Ahem. We’re also joined by Louise from Little Hearts Big Love, who discusses what it means to be a heart parent.

And can you guess which of us is which from the following factoids?

  • The goth
  • Once nearly run over by Prince Charles
  • A graffiti artist (of sorts)
  • Wrote under the pseudonym Juanita Jones

Show notes & links

Hall & Oates are an American musical duo best known for early 1980s hits such as I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do), Maneater and Out of Touch. Vicky calls out their 1981 single Private Eyes, which just missed the top 30 in the UK.

Julian’s ‘Strangers in a Bar’ references the US sitcom Modern Family, in which Phil and Claire Dunphy adopt the alter egos of travelling businessman Clive Bixby and bored housewife Julianna on Valentine’s Day, with comical consequences. (Season one, episode 15: My Funky Valentine.)

To find out more about the British Heart Foundation’s Heart Month, visit their website here.


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