Meet the Parents episode 3: Speed-parenting and parental guilt

@thatchamdad, @The_dadventurer and @findingourfeet have a natter about speed-parenting and how dads as well as mums suffer from parental guilt.

This week’s top pop culture references: Top Gun, The Bourne Identity and Goldfinger.

Show notes & links

Amie first talked about the idea of speed-parenting in her post Speed-mumming and again more recently in The return of speed-mumming.

When talking about introductory speed-parenting lines, Tim and Dave referenced this classic scene from Top Gun, which celebrates its 30th birthday this year.

This is the scene that Tim refers to in The Bourne Identity when he talks about seeking out pot plants to hide behind at playgroup.

Has anyone ever seen Tim and Goldfinger‘s Oddjob in the same place at the same time? Nope, us neither.

Tim vs Oddjob

Our discussion about parental guilt is drawn from Dave’s post I’m a daddy with mummy guilt.

To participate in Amie’s forthcoming feature about parental issues in the workplace, email her at, on Twitter @findingourfeet or on her Facebook page. You can also read her post The unemployed mum, in which she talks about the challenges she has faced in returning to the working world.

Check out Dave’s vlogs about life as a stay-at-home dad on his YouTube channel.

Tim wrote about his observations of visiting the The Tate Modern with kids in Modern art and the YouTube generation and you can also listen to his podcast with The Unmumsy Mum.


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