Meet the Parents episode 4: Mother’s Day

For our Mother’s Day edition, Tim, Hannah and Vicky talk about maternity options, egg donation and our expectations of Mother’s Day. And 1980s pop sensations Go West.

Show notes & links

Our discussion around the variety of birthing choices available was based on Hannah’s post about her maternity care options.

Vicky gave birth to Grace to the strains of Go West’s Never Let Them See You Sweat. Here it is.

Tim talked about both Toby’s dramatic midwife-less arrival and Kara’s unplanned hospital birth.

You can follow Vicky’s conception diaries either on her blog or YouTube.

The Fertility Show takes place at London Olympia on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November 2016. You can find out more on their website.

Tim talked about his half-term trip with the boys to the British Motor Museum, where he bumped into Sarah from Extraordinary Chaos – you can check out her blog here. You can find out more about the museum on their website.

You can find this week’s team on their blogs and across social media:

Hannah: Budding SmilesTwitter – Facebook  – InstagramPinterestYouTubeGoogle+

Tim: Slouching towards Thatcham Twitter – Facebook  – InstagramPinterestYouTubeGoogle+

Vicky: Verily Victoria VocalisesTwitter – Facebook  – InstagramPinterestYouTube


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2 thoughts on “Meet the Parents episode 4: Mother’s Day

  1. interesting discussion on where and how to give birth. It is so governed on where you find your comfort zone, as we are all different which is testament to the different experiences and desires expressed. The main thing is about giving people the choice


    1. Absolutely. It’s all about what feels right for the individual. There are pros and cons with every option but if people are well informed then at least they can make the right decision for themselves.


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