Meet the Parents episode 5: The perils of our digital footprints

Tim, Amie, Julian and Mark talk about the implications of having such extensive digital footprints and what this means for both us and our kids, including a special guest appearance by Tim’s son Isaac.

Show notes & links

Julian refers to his children as Hall and Oates. So do they look like this?

Hall & Oates Wikipedia

Or, as others suggested, are they more like Cannon and Ball, Bonnie and Clyde or Sonny and Cher?

Julian's kids

When Tim Googled himself, he was slightly surprised to discover an image of none other than our very own Dave (The DADventurer). Note Dave’s use of the advanced ‘counterbalancing little finger’ technique.


Having mentioned it, Tim now can’t get this Christina Aguilera track out of his head, which topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic in 1999. (Yes, 1999!)

What was Tim prattling on about when talking about supercomputers and Global Thermonuclear War? Why, the 1983 Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy movie WarGames, of course!

Amie mentioned the 1 Second Every Day app. You can find out more about it on their website and download it for both iPhones and Android phones.

You can find this week’s team on their blogs and across social media:

Amie: Blog: Finding Our Feet – Twitter – Facebook  – InstagramPinterest

Julian: Blog: Northern Dad – Twitter

Mark: Blog: Best Dad I Can Be – Twitter – Facebook  – Pinterest

Tim: Blog: Slouching towards Thatcham – Twitter – Facebook  – InstagramPinterestYouTubeGoogle+


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