Meet the Parents episode 10: Techie kids

Tim, Amie and John talk about their own and their kids’ relationships with technology, while Tim and his two sons spend a day out at Gadget Show Live.

Show notes & links

Yes, John really did do a product test on sanitary towels. Here it is. Talking periods with Sanitary Owl. What’s the big deal?

Hands up – who remembers the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer, with its rubber keyboard and whopping 48 kilobytes of memory?


Tim talks about his memories of working with reel-to-reel audio tape in this post.

Mine! Mine Mine! (from Finding Nemo)

John reviews the Kano computer kit.

If you want to find out more about the BBC Microbit schools programme, visit their website.

Tim’s review of Gadget Show Live.

Amie’s story of Little Miss’s chicken pox.

John’s trip down under.

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John: Blog: DadblogUK – TwitterFacebook Instagram – YouTubeGoogle+

Tim: Blog: Slouching towards Thatcham – Twitter – Facebook  – InstagramPinterestYouTubeGoogle+


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2 thoughts on “Meet the Parents episode 10: Techie kids

  1. Brilliant, loved listening.
    On the topics… Kids and tech: BP got his phone when he was in Year 5, he was 10. His first phone was a cheap Windows phone. We’ve since upgraded him to an iPhone, we had an old one lying around (an iPhone 5S I think). He’s much happier with the iPhone and actually it’s turning out to be much better. He uses his phone to talk to his friends a lot more now. He’s never been much of a social boy and his relationships with his friends have improved. For us switching to an iPhone has been a good thing. 🙂

    On Coding in schools: When BP was in Primary School they had a few sessions on Scratch, he loved it and the teachers started asking him for help! That has since disappeared from the school so LP won’t benefit. As for the BBC thingy, I think teaching coding in schools isn’t happening as fast as it ought to be. Children would really take to it if only they could see the possibilities but it takes far too long for schools to act! It’s frustrating for us because the Hubby is a programmer, he’s been programming since he was 8 years old.

    Oh yes, and as a side note I burst out laughing when Amie asked what the Spectrum was! The Hubby still has loads of them lying around the house. He’s a bit of a collector… okay, a hoarder might be a better word! We have all kinds of old computer/gaming devices in our house, it’s crazy.


    1. Thanks Morgan.

      We burst out laughing too! Of course, in fairness, the Speccy is several years older than Amie but it shows how quickly the technology of my teen years has dated and become forgotten.

      I really like the Microbit programme but it is a shame it is only starting at Year 7. Both our boys (8 and 6) have already started playing around with Scratch and to a lesser extent Tynker. They just get it and they have a good intuitive grasp of the basics. I mean, this is the Minecraft generation, after all – problem-solving is integral to so much of what they do.

      I’m really interested to see when Isaac asks for his own phone. He hasn’t yet even though he fully understands how to use my iPhone – I suspect the biggest trigger will be when his classmates start to have them too.

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