Meet the Parents episode 12: Let’s talk about sex (and puberty)

Tim, Vicky and Dave share a parenting story each this week, talking about the differences between siblings, puberty and sex education and indulging in a little toilet humour. (You’ll never guess which one is Dave …)

Show notes & links

Tim mulls over the differences between Isaac and Toby after they spent a morning rock climbing.

Vicky talks about discussing puberty with 9-year-old Grace.

Dave offers his ideas on entertaining a toddler while you’re on the toilet.

Toddler L:


Shrek’s Puss in Boots – there’s basically no difference, right?

***COPYRIGHT UNKNOWN USE AT OWN RISK*** PIC FROM CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: PUSS IN BOOTS) - A real-life Puss in Boots has been born with the Shrek favourites trademark giant eyes. Famous for his adorable face, the character voiced by Antonio Banderas never fails to inspire an Awwww. But Drogon the black-footed cat is no cartoon. The tiny kitten was born in April at Philadelphia Zoo, Pennsylvania, and at eight weeks old weighs just 27 ounces. SEE CATERS COPY.

Tim talks about how his decision to start a blog nine years ago resulted in him getting his dream job.

You can find this week’s team on their blogs and across social media:

Dave: Blog: The DADventurer – Twitter – Facebook InstagramPinterestYouTubeGoogle+

Tim: Blog: Slouching towards Thatcham – Twitter – Facebook  – InstagramPinterestYouTubeGoogle+

Vicky: Blog: Verily Victoria Vocalises – Twitter – Facebook  – InstagramPinterestYouTube


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