Meet the Parents episode 14: Childhood then versus childhood now

Tim and Vicky get all nostalgic this week as they compare what life is like for kids today to how it was for themselves growing up.

Show notes & links

Just to make himself feel old, Tim rattled off a list of events that occurred during 1986 – 30 years ago – including the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, Diego Maradona’s infamous ‘Hand of God’ and the official opening of the world’s biggest car park aka the M25. And this was the best-selling single of that year – a song that makes us (well, Tim and Vicky anyway) feel young again …

And on Christmas Day that year, over 30 million people tuned in to EastEnders to watch this (making it the most-watched episode of any British TV drama ever) …

Here are a few of Vicky and Tim’s childhood TV favourites:

And if you want to see how Danger Mouse, Thunderbirds and The Clangers have changed over the years, here are their modern remakes:

Is there any way Tom and Jerry would have been deemed suitable for children today?

Of course, you could trust The Simpsons to come up with the perfect ultra-violent parody in The Itchy and Scratchy Show:

Vicky’s first computer game: Frogger. Call of Duty it isn’t …

And a couple of old arcade favourites from Tim:

An old kids’ magazine favourite from 1984. I wonder what became of this issue’s cover girl?


And an even older one from 1977. Anyone else other than Tim remember The Six Million Dollar Man? No? Just him?


Did Vicky mention she loves Go West? 😉

Why do so many songs these days have to have such explicit or suggestive content? One of the most controversial songs/videos of recent years, Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines (NSFW):

Blurred Lines makes Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Relax (1984) seem tame by comparison, doesn’t it?

And what about this infamous musical ‘masterpiece’ from 1986? Ahem.

Incidentally … this. What?!?

Finally, here’s Vicky’s review of the Mindful Chef recipe box delivery service.

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