Meet the Parents episode 22: The power of blogs and social media

Tim and special guest Emma from Island Living 365 compare notes from a small island and discuss the power of blogs and social media.

Show notes & links

Tim’s posts about the EU referendum:

Will the EU referendum leave a broken United Kingdom for our children?

EU referendum: Over and out

How did we not see this coming? How?

Amie’s post pondering the effect of the referendum result on mothers and families: How the EU referendum has opened the door for women, but risks closing it for parents.

Emma talks about how she saw the after-effects of the EU referendum first-hand in The aftermath of Brexit on the London Underground.

Tim referenced three of the other Bloggers’ Keynotes from #BML16:

Oana Papconstantinou – Mama’s Haven: What really happens when you lose a child

Helen Wills – Actually Mummy: Rattling the Cages of Parliament

Alison Perry – Not Another Mummy Blog: Why do I struggle with “mum” being a large part of my identity?

Emma’s post which earned her a Huffington Post assignment, in which she compares her daughter to Kanye West: I gave birth to Kanye West.

Emma talks about her appearances on BBC Radio Jersey in 3rd time lucky on the radio? and I’m no David Dimbleby.

You can find this week’s team on their blogs and across social media:

Tim: Blog: Slouching towards Thatcham – Twitter – FacebookInstagramPinterestYouTubeGoogle+

Emma: Blog: Island Living 365 – Twitter – Instagram – Pinterest


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2 thoughts on “Meet the Parents episode 22: The power of blogs and social media

  1. Love this podcast. : ) I agree social media is so powerful in creating awareness about real topics by real people, rather than spun by the media. Really interesting perspective in that you weren’t able to vote for #Brexit. Side note: I didn’t realise Jersey had £1 notes, amazing!


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