Meet the Parents episode 50: My gold watch is in the post, I assume?

The whole gang comes together to celebrate our 50th podcast – 49 more than we ever thought we’d manage – and Mark wonders where his congratulatory gold watch is. (Don’t hold your breath …). We look back, we look forward and we give shout-outs to some of our favourite bloggers.

Show notes & links

Each member of the team highlighted some of their favourite bloggers. Here are our choices:

Hannah’s favourites: Headspace PerspectiveMrs H’s Favourite Things, Meet the Wildes

John’s picks: Unlikely Dad, Miraculous Mums

Amie’s selection: New Young Mum, Squished Blueberries

Vicky’s collection: Steph’s Two Girls, Mum of Three World, Inside, Outside and Beyond, The Girl Behind the Camera, Turning Up in Devon

Hayley’s shortlist: Just Bring the Chocolate, Just A Normal Mummy (Wally Mummy), Red Ted Art, Her Melness Speaks, My Two Mums, The Fermented Foody

Simon’s nomination: Pigtail Pals and Ballcap Buddies

Mark’s favourite: Guido Fawkes

Tim’s choice: The Life of Tont

You can find this week’s team on their blogs and across social media:

Amie: Blog: Finding Our Feet – Twitter – Facebook  – InstagramPinterest

Hannah: Blog: Budding Smiles – Twitter – Facebook  – InstagramPinterestYouTubeGoogle+

Hayley: Blog: Downs Side Up – TwitterFacebookInstagramPinterest

John: Blog: Dadyougeek – Twitter – FacebookInstagramPinterestGoogle+

Mark: Blog: Best Dad I Can Be – Twitter – Facebook – Pinterest

Simon: Blog: Man vs PinkTwitterFacebookInstagram – YouTube

Tim: Blog: Slouching towards Thatcham – Twitter – FacebookInstagramPinterestYouTubeGoogle+

Vicky: Blog: Verily Victoria Vocalises – Twitter – Facebook  – InstagramPinterestYouTube


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