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Amie and her Other Half fell pAmieregnant unexpectedly in 2013 and have been finding their feet with Little Miss (now two) ever since. When she’s not trawling Instagram, you can find Amie dancing in the kitchen with Little Miss.


Blog: Finding Our Feet

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Dave HornbyDave is a stay-at-home dad to his daughter, Toddler L. When he’s not under her tiny thumb, he’s found penning his thoughts, experiences, failings and random musings on fatherhood on his blog. Dave is also a freelance football/betting writer and has appeared on international and independent websites including Bleacher Report and Metro.

Blog: The DADventurer

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Hannah ClarkeHannah is a wife, mum, Spurs fan, country bumpkin and typical redhead (make of that what you will!) She lives in the countryside with her husband Phil, her son Toby, who was born in July 2014, and baby girl bump due April 2016.


Blog: Budding Smiles

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Julian BoffinJulian is a married father of two. For privacy reasons, he refers to his children as Hall & Oates. Hall is a 12-year-old boy. Oates is a six-year-old girl. He refers to his wife as Kojak. Initially he wrote exclusively about Hall and Oates but now focuses more on his sexual relationship with Kojak.

Blog: Northern Dad 



Mark RichardsMark has three children, two currently at university and one currently emptying the fridge. He’s married to a psychologist – and has the worrying feeling she only married him as a long-term case study. He writes full-time, loves public speaking and drinks too much red wine. He is also North Yorkshire’s only known supporter of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Blog: Best Dad I Can Be

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Tim black tieTim is a father of three and master of none, forever stuck somewhere in the mid-1980s, probably a Thursday. When he’s not at work or being manipulated by his kids, he reviews TV shows for Metro and is trying to write a book about modern fatherhood. He still can’t solve the Rubik’s cube.

Blog: Slouching towards Thatcham

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Victoria WeltonVictoria is a mum to one and lives in the beautiful countryside of Somerset. She loves writing poetry and is constantly looking to improve her photography. She writes a parent and lifestyle blog and is a freelance marketing and social media manager and content writer.

Blog: Verily Victoria Vocalises

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